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Rules of Bukavtivoi

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Rules of Bukavtivoi

Post by Kyrian on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:18 am

I. OOC posts and chater have a )) after them.

II. Always ask before entering a roleplay - you don't want to interrupt. Just have your character stop by and ask "Hey guys, what's up?" Have your character respond appropriately to the situation they've walked into, especially if it's a serious RP.

III. Treat the setting properly - the setting tends to have a personality of its own, so don't override it. Worst, don't contribute to "white room syndrome," where it feels like characters are talking in a white room instead of a setting.

IV. Don't bug someone (or in the group chat in general) to RP. If they don't want to, no need to keep asking.

V. Start new RPs either privately, or in a linked chat, not the main chatroom for the group, if there is already an RP happening in the main chat.

VI. Try to get to know people before asking for a roleplay. You don't want to behave like they are only there for your amusement.

VII. If you're only staying for a short amount of time, let everyone know. Some people don't want to start a roleplay if their partner has to leave fifteen minutes later. If you can't stay longer than an hour, give a warning at the beginning.

VIII. If you're exiting a roleplay due to needing to go, properly exit your character. Don't just drop out and leave everyone wondering whether your character just evaporated into thin air.

IX. Adhere to grammar and spelling rules when you are typing in an RP chatroom, even OOC. People judge you based on your grammar and spelling, and might not want to roleplay with you if you sound uneducated or use text-speak a lot.

I. Don't write an action as successful against another character; give the other player a chance to describe how their character reacts (E.G.: don't say *hits Bob*, say *tries to hit Bob*).

II. Don't give your character too many sophisticated powers.

III. Don't make your character easily able to solve problems or get out of dangerous or testing situations.

IV. Generally, don't describe your character as "the best" at anything, and make them earn their talents (it takes time to become skillful at something).

V. Don't make the character impossible to fight against.

VI. When fighting, don't dodge all of the attacks made at your character, unless you and the other person have pre-arranged your character to win (for example, training, or to move the plot along).

VII. Don't solve (or attempt to solve) other characters' problems without their player's permission.

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